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Course Description

This online course is designed to provide participants with material, instruction, real-world examples, and hands-on workshops in 3 hours. Students will gain solid proficiency in how to use or interpret FHIR resources and documentation.  This training workshop provides an overview of FHIR on how and where it's used in the real world.

Participants will gain a solid understanding of how FHIR is used and become aware of the latest techniques and know-how for FHIR development activities through the SDLC.  Participants will develop proficiency in using and understanding standard artifacts, documents, tools, and resources.

Course outline:

  • HL7 FHIR Overview

  • FHIR Adoption & Timelines

  • Benefits and Risks of using FHIR

  • FHIR Comparison with Other Standards

  • FHIR Architecture Paradigms 

  • FHIR Case Study – Building a SMART on FHIR enabled APP/portlet that collects members’ A1C lab results from a source or add new result values to target.


This training program is ideal for an individual that intends to develop a SMART on FHIR enabled APP and build FHIR skills and expertise.


It is highly recommended that students have a solid understanding of HL7 RIM (Reference Information Model) and modeling techniques or have taken RIM100 prior to this class.  


Additionally, students must have a basic understanding of RESTful development.

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