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Course Description

This online course is designed to provide participants with the material, instruction, real-world examples, and hands-on workshops in 3 hours.

RIM is an ISO-registered standard (ISO/HL7 21731). Developed using UML concepts, it provides a foundation for modeling healthcare information. RIM has been used as a foundation for messaging and clinical documentation standards such as HL7 v3, FHIR, CDA, etc.


Students will understand how it was built, how RIM is used in the real world, how to develop information models using RIM; and it prepares the participants for taking an HL7 RIM Certification test.

Participants gain solid proficiency in reading and interpreting health information models; developing information models to support business requirements; or design systems and interfaces that are based on RIM models such as CDA, CCD, or generic HL7 v3 RMIMs.


Product Managers, Business Analysts, and architects will learn how to define requirements using RIM modeling techniques.  Developers will learn how to use RIM based artifacts to develop interfaces.  Testers will learn how to build test cases and scenarios for RIM based interfaces.

Course outline:

  • RIM's overview and history

  • RIM's backbone composition

  • RIM's extensive composition

  • Benefits and Risks of using RIM

  • Application of RIM to non-healthcare subjects

  • RIM Workshop – Building a number of information models using RIM and look at how it may be applied to R&D work in an agile setting

  • Review of tools and online resources


This training program is ideal for an individual that intends to design Web/Cloud/mobile APPs or devices.  This course is most useful for product managers, business analysts, data architects, information modelers, and Scrum Masters. 

This course is also a recommended prerequisite for learning V3, CDA, C-CDA, and FHIR.

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